SBC102: Principles of Business Model Innovation

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This course is the second step in your social impact creation journe. Its requirement is to build a business model to carry out your social solution and make profits with it.

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Course contents :

Module 1. Social Business Opportunity Creation
1.1 Impact Gaps Canvas
1.2 Empathy Map Canvas
1.3 Effectuation
1.4. Entrepreneurial Mindset
1.5 Intrapreneurship

Module 2. Design Thinking for business development
2.1. What is Design Thinking?
2.2. The mindset and process of Design Thinking
2.3. Theory of Change
2.4. Setting your goals with a theory of change

Module 3. Value proposition
3.1. Value proposition
3.2. How to Build a Value Proposition that People Want
3.3. Prototyping
3.4. How to Articulate a Value Proposition

Module 4. Business Model
4.1. What is a business model?
4.2. Business Model Design for Social Entrepreneurship
4.3. Strategy to achieve business goals
4.4. How to Pitch a Business Model Using BMC
4.5. Business Model Validation

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