SBC101: Principles of Social Innovation

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This course is the first step in your social impact creation journey. The first requirement of this journey is to understand the social problems your community seeks to solve.

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Course Contents:

Module 1. Drivers of Social Entrepreneurship
1.1. Impact of Consumerism on People and Planet
1.2. New Consumption Models
1.3. Call for Businesses
1.4. Value of Social Entrepreneurship

Module 2. Characteristics of Social Ventures
2.1. What is Social Entrepreneurship?
2.2. Typology of Social Entrepreneurship
2.3. Spectrum of Social Enterprises
2.4. Success Factors

Module 3. Social Innovation
3.1. Defining Social Innovation
3.2. Impact Creation
3.3. System Thinking
3.4. Mapping the Ecosystem
3.5. How to be Innovative and Creative?

Module 4. Social Innovation through Entrepreneurial Actions
4.1. Social Entrepreneurship Roadmap
4.2. The Core of Social Entrepreneurial Projects
4.3. Vision and Mission of Social Businesses
4.4. Social Entrepreneurial Opportunities


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