SBC 104: Principles of Social Business Acceleration

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This course is the last step in your social impact creation journey. It requires you to carry out your social business and accelerate its social impacts

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Course Contents:

Module 1. Sustainable development
1.1 History of the sustainable development
1.2 Circular economy
1.3. Biomimicry
1.4. Bottom of the Pyramid Framework

Module 2. Impact creation and acceleration
2.1. Engaging in sustainability as business leaders
2.2 Creating shared value
2.3. Impact acceleration and reporting

Module 3. Mobilizing sustainability
3.1. Circular approach to business strategy
3.2. Supporting social and environmental values
3.3 Integrating sustainability into corporate culture
3.4. Implementation models

Module 4. Responding to transnational & national sustainability-related pressures
4.1. Forces at play for systemic change
4.2 Global initiatives
4.3. Social movements and trends


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