OptimUM : High-performance font

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FONT. The OptimUM font is designed to increase reading speed and reduce reader effort.


OptimUM : High-performance font : abstract

Professor Arguin is a professor at the Université de Montréal – Faculty of Arts and Sciences – Department of Psychology. His area of research is visual neurocognition. In collaboration with his colleagues Prof Frédéric Gosselin and Prof Pierre Jolicoeur, he has developed an innovative algorithm that optimizes the appearance of letters to improve their readability.

Exemple de la police OptimUM
Example of the OptimUM font

The OptimUM font was produced by this algorithm to speed up reading and reduce reading effort. So, unlike a wide variety of typefaces, OptimUM was created with performance in mind rather than aesthetics. After a short familiarization period, a font produced by this algorithm offers a 25% gain in reading speed.

La performance de la police OptimUM
The performance of the OptimUM font

OptimUM is mainly intended for demanding users, that read a large volume of text, whether for work or leisure. We had in mind, for example, university students, legal professions (lawyers, government, etc.) or even complex technical texts (aeronautics, etc.). This font is also offered to creators of print or digital content who want to make it easier for their readers with this innovation.


Improve reading performance and increase productivity.

This font is offered to creators of print or digital content who wish to support their readers in this innovation.

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