NEA Baptist Health System (EN)

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CASE STUDY. This case depicts an organization that is led by enthusiastic and inspiring leaders who, in just a few years, made great strides in deploying a lean-inspired management system.


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NEA Baptist Health System (EN): Abstract

The case begins in January 2014, when Brad Parsons, CEO of the NEA Baptist Health System, decided to take advantage of the inauguration of a new hospital to begin a profound organizational transformation. The deployment of a new management system called the Baptist Management System (BMS) to lay the foundations for a patient-centred culture of continuous improvement was launched.

A few years earlier, the Baptist Memorial Health Care Corporation (hereinafter, Baptist Corporation) had hired Skip Steward as chief improvement officer. Together Parsons and Steward spearheaded the transformation at NEA Baptist, designated the model site for the entire corporation. The development of the new management system was based partly on systems seen elsewhere (such as at Denver Health) but also, and more importantly, on the reflections of its leaders and their own learning experiences. As Steward said, “Everything is an experiment!”

This case explores three major questions:

  • What are the key success factors for the successful deployment of a management system?
  • What skills do the organization’s leaders need to guide the transformation and introduce the new management system?
  • How can they ensure the sustainability of that new management system?

Multi-part case

  • Part A: Building a Management System One Experiment at a Time
  • Part B: Deployment of the Toyota Kata Practice and the Role of the Shepherding Group (for teachers only)

Teaching objectives

The case has three main learning objectives:

  • Identify the conditions for the successful deployment of a management system
  • Identify the leadership characteristics associated with the new management model
  • Identify strategies to ensure the sustainability of the new management model

A fourth objective is added for Part B:

  • Identify the key success factors for the deployment of the Toyota Kata practice to support a management system and build a culture of continuous improvement

Main themes covered

  • Building a management system
  • Toyota Kata
  • Shepherding

Concepts & theories related to the case

  • Lean
  • Kata
  • Management system

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Also available in French.

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