Learning with Cases (fifth edition, 2018)

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DIGITAL BOOK. Learning with Cases is a comprehensive and practical guide. Its clear and simple, step by step approach will enhance individual preparation, small group discussion and classroom performance. Faithfully repeating the three stage learning process will enable participants to become more successful professionals in their chosen career.


Learning with Cases (fifth edition, 2018): Abstract

This book is a concise handbook written specifically for students to enhance their learning with cases. Numerous and helpful suggestions cover the complete case learning process including individual reading and preparation, small group discussion, large group (classroom) discussion, making case presentations and writing case exams and reports. Learning with Cases introduces  the Three Stage Learning Process from a student perspective. Students can prepare faster and be more effective and confident by proper individual preparation using the case analysis record. Other suggestions include how students can maximize the benefits of small group discussion and improve their classroom contributions. This book is the only one to provide a complete, practical and proven process for learning with cases that students can apply to any case assignment.


The goal of this book is to help students maximize their learning with cases within a reasonable amount of time. It has two objectives:

  • Help students learn better and faster with cases
  • Help teachers to be more effective in teaching with cases

Target audience

  • Students, teachers using cases in their courses and case writers

The authors

Together, the authors count over a hundred years of experience in the field of case-based learning. As students, they learned by the case method. As professors, they wrote hundreds of cases and used this method with more than 50,000 students and executives. They have also trained more than 20,000 teachers around the world using their widely recognized books on case learning writing and teaching.

Additional Information

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The book is also available in hard copy. You can order it via our partner’s website (casemethodbooks.com/book-details).

Additional case method books by the same authors are Teaching with Cases and Writing Cases.

Workshops on the case method (case writing, teaching and learning) are also offered by the authors (casemethodbooks.com/workshops).

The 4th edition of this book is also available in français (Apprendre cas par cas) and español (Aprende con casos) 

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